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Whoever said, "Money can't buy me love" never met a Pixiebob!

Many of my available kittens can trace their pedigree back to my cats and kittens featured on Animal Planet's Cats 101 Special!! Just ask and I'll tell you ;-)

Here are some of my available cats and kittens. The list changes regularly, but I try my best to keep things current. Feel free to contact me regarding pricing and/or if you have something specific you're looking for. Maybe it's just not listed, yet. Breed standard.

We now accept VISA, M/C, Am Ex and Discover. 
The Correct Pixiebob
The Correct Pixiebob

Head and eye shape, featuring "large cupped ears, heavy bushy brows (that give a sleepy look), fleshy nose leather, large fleshy and fuzzy chin, the (eye) shape is a soft triangle" Carol Ann Brewer, Founder.

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Terrific Teaser Toys! Well-made and a great value. Only $14 for 6 different toys or $20 for 12 (2 sets of 6) INCLUDING SHIPPING. "Contact" me for details.

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Rajan Pixie Bob Kitten

"Rajan" is BIG for his age. SWEET boy who’s just a lug like his dad RW SGC Pawtrick Awayze. Ready for his new home now.

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Cherokee Pixie Bob Kitten

Handsome "Cherokee" son of RW SGC Pawtrick Swayze and the lovely Carrie Unpurrwood is available Nov/Dec as a show/breeder to approved home only. POLY and short hair with a BOBCAT type tail. WOW!

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Colt Pixie Bob Kitten

Stunning “Colt” is in search of a new home as a beloved pet end Nov/beg Dec. Shorthair and POLYDACTYL. Proud papa is RW SGC Pawtrick Swayze.

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Luci Pixie Bob Kitten

Gorgeous girl! Spotted shaggy coat, non-poly. “Luci’s” parents? BEST PIXIEBOBS IN THE WORLD! RW SGC Emmy Lou Hairis and RW GRC Purrlock Holmes. ISO a special home as a SHOW/BREEDER only.

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Bella Pixie Bob Kitten

Appropriately named, "Bella" is indeed beautiful! Long hair, non-poly and a tail that will be 4-5" when full grown. Ready for her new home in September. Granddaughter of Mighty Logger.

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Cheyenne Pixie Bob Kitten

Very pretty girl! “Cheyenne” is a floppy, playful, purring kitty. Shorthair and non-poly. Parents: RW SGC Pawtrick Swayze and the lovely Carrie Unpurrwood. Ready for her new home end Nov/beg Dec.

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Emily Pixie Bob Cat

Sweet affectionate retired mom in search of a 'furever' home where she will be spoiled! Short hair and non-poly. Four years young ;-) She'll be ready around Halloween. Reserve now!

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More availables coming soon! :-}