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Whoever said, "Money can't buy me love" never met a Pixiebob!

Many of my available kittens can trace their pedigree back to my cats and kittens featured on Animal Planet's Cats 101 Special!! Just ask and I'll tell you ;-)

Here are some of my available cats and kittens. The list changes regularly, but I try my best to keep things current. Feel free to contact me regarding pricing and/or if you have something specific you're looking for. Maybe it's just not listed, yet. Breed standard.

We now accept VISA, M/C, Am Ex and Discover. 
The Correct Pixiebob
The Correct Pixiebob

Head and eye shape, featuring "large cupped ears, heavy bushy brows (that give a sleepy look), fleshy nose leather, large fleshy and fuzzy chin, the (eye) shape is a soft triangle" Carol Ann Brewer, Founder.

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IN-correct Pixiebob(s)
IN-correct Pixiebob(s)

A. Eyes too ROUND and set too high on head, creating short forehead. Ears too small and “flowing” onto head at inside base, instead of attaching as though ‘stuck on’.

B. SAD eyes, sloping downward at outside. Ears too TALL.

C. Narrow face. Muzzle too long, narrow and pinched. Chin shallow, creating a ‘duck bill’ appearance.

D. Muzzle too short. Shallow chin. Lack of foreface. Too much distance between nose leather and top of lip—unable to “smile”.

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Pixie Bob Kitten
Pixie Bob

Wild-looking polydactyl female with shorthair available now in Europe as a neutered pet. Father is the incredible Living Legend Brad Pawsley.

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Deena Pixie Bob Kitten

Adorable “Deena” is looking for  new home as a spayed pet. Lovely, light rufousy color and POLYDACTYL. Cute little tail. Ready now!

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Cynthia Pixie Bob Kitten

Classic tabby, longhaired girl. "Cynthia" has the ‘bull’s-eye’ on her side instead of spots and stripes, and a ‘butterfly” across her shoulders. Very pretty but non-traditional pattern for Pixiebobs. Ready for her new home the beginning of November.

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Dusty Pixie Bob Kitten

Handsome son of Supreme Grand Champion, Regional Winner, Pawtrick Swayze. “Dusty” has long hair and a short tail which will be about 4” when full grown. Non-poly. Sweet and spunky purring machine.

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Buffy Pixie Bob Kitten

“Buffy” has soft long hair, a cute short tail and LOTS of TOES. Her daddy is Champion Butch Catsidy. She’ll be ready for her new home just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with you :-D

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Eva Gapurr Pixie Bob Kitten
"Eva Gapurr"

Miss Eva Gapurr is ready to retire to a life of leisure as a pampered princess :-} She has a lovely rare color on her short spotted coat. Adorable little tail. She’s intelligent and worthy of respect (they ALL are). Leg rubber, head butter, with moxey!

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Erin Pixie Bob Kitten

“Erin” has some beautiful coloring, but not quite like her mama Eva Gapurr. Cute little tail, non-poly and shorthaired. She’ll be ready for her new home mid-end October.

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Bibi Pixie Bob Kitten

“Bibi” will be ready for her new home just in time for Thanksgiving. She has gorgeous long hair, a nice short tail and is non-poly.

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Dane Pixie Bob Kitten

“Dane” has short hair and a very short tail that will be about an inch or two when full grown. Son of the handsome Pawtrick Swayze. Ready for his new home as a pampered pet mid-November.

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Brody Pixie Bob Kitten

Handsome son of Champion Butch Catsidy, “Brody” has long hair and a cute short tail. He’s non-poly. He’ll be ready for his new home just before Thanksgiving

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More availables coming soon! :-}